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Purpose built CRM for Banks and credit unions 

Anticipate financial moments with Account Holder’s to meet them where they are.

Customer 360

A configurable single pane of glass to view all information on your customer. In a role based system, we layout all fields of data from your core, and other banking technology to efficiently
service customers.

Insight engine

AI driven data and analytics powers our Insight Engine to predict and suggest appropriate products and services for each account holder. Insights allow your team to meet the customer where they are.


CRMNEXT brings action to your growth initiatives. Lead tracking streamlines the process of managing opportunities. Ensure nothing is missed and your team and Account Holders are connected for
growth opportunities.


SImplify your loan processing workflow. Take advantage of real-time visibility and updates on each applicant’s status. For account holders, this translates into a faster, more transparent loan application process. 

Marketing Automation

Segment audiences, personalize email and SMS communications, and track campaign performance. Activate relevant campaigns to your account holders and measure your campaign performance. 

Reporting and Dashboards

Achieve operational excellence with a view into key metrics and data across every department. GIve your team real-time access to pertinent information, leading to more informed strategies and key performance actions.

Case Management

Streamline your approach to handling customer issues, inquiries, and complaints. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of employee responses. Ensure all customer concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. 


Enjoy over 80% of your teams daily workflows already built, and ready to launch out-of-the box. Configure your own workflows with an easy to use
no-code design studio. 

Total Visibility

Deliver key insights with a dynamic and complete view of account holders to every customer facing role in your organization.



Customers require guidance and personal attention as you advise them through financial moments. Make every interaction an experience that supports your mission and operational playbook.



Spend more time working with your customers by automating and removing tedious, manual back-end processes. Automate tasks and track SLA’s and ensure you’re achieving operational excellence.

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CRMNEXT Recognized as a leader


Gartner CRM Excellence Award for HDFC Bank Implementation


2023 Financial Service
CRM Wave


Celent Model Bank Award for HDFC Bank Implementation


2022 Best CRM Implementation for Axis Bank


Economic Times Award as the Best Organisation for Women

what our cutomers say

Brad Shafton SVP of Digital & IT Magnifi Financial

We all knew that deploying a next generation CRM tool was going to be a challenge, but necessary to continue our path as a digitally innovative credit union. CRMNEXT has helped us achieve that goal while demonstrating innovative approaches and a strong partnership. With the foundational pieces in place, we are building more modules to integrate disparate systems into a unified view that will benefit staff in all our member-facing as well as back-office teams.

Jennifer Roberts Chief Operating Officer OBEE Credit Union

CRMNEXT created a member-centric data model for OBEE Credit Union with a setup for integrating with several third-party systems. This unified view of our members has translated into efficiencies across our frontline teams. The outcome is simple: happy members and happy employees - a recipe for success and foundational to our culture.

Nancy Sternitzky CIO Sound CU

We are living in an extraordinary financial environment. Banks and credit unions feel the squeeze with rising rates and margin compression. It is more important than ever to understand our members’ needs and respond to them swiftly. Adding more people is not the answer, nor is it getting any easier to recruit and retain staff. Communication and enabling our teams is critical, and this is a shortcoming of legacy systems. Now is the time to invest in CRM solutions and truly harness the power of information across the organization. We chose CRMNEXT to partner with us and to power our experiences.

Steve Ervolino CIO Dupaco Credit Union

CRMNEXT is our strategic partner to deliver digital transformation across our credit union. We leverage their technology to overhaul and unify member service processes into one single point of view. We have completely reimagined our service request and delivery process, referral management, and complaint workflows. We continue to innovate and engineer processes and procedures around the CRMNEXT platform to deliver great experiences to our staff so that they are engaged and deliver superior service to our members.



Boosting loans & deposits: The blueprint for credit unions to maximize CRM data strategy

Data is the key to unlocking a robust member experience. That’s because it enables CUs to learn deeply about members and predict and identify their next best needs. Doing this allows the credit union to demonstrate itself as a partner in their financial journey and conveniently position its products at just the right time. To succeed with data, credit unions need a strategy to bring data together and use it to drive actionable insights. A well-designed data strategy with a CRM can help credit unions unlock significant value.

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Demystifying banking CRMs: 4 critical reasons credit unions need CRM in 2023 and beyond

Today, CRMs are everywhere. They might not stave off an end-of-the-world catastrophe, but they can be used to help your credit union grow and avoid being merged in the process. Just be warned. There’s a big difference between a CRM built for managing sales and marketing versus a true credit union CRM. You need a CRM that does more than store contact information as well as a member’s product and service mix. You need one that helps you avoid a business meltdown and sets you up for success in 2023 and beyond.

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How to unlock the future: Predicting your members’ behaviors with CRM magic

For too long, credit unions have relied on the idea that knowledge + intuition would predict the future. But it doesn’t. All you get are vague assumptions, like some crystal-ball fortune-teller at a fly-by-night carnival. Sure, they’ll tell you what you want to hear. But you’ll lose money, time, and dignity in the process. To get real answers that retain (and attract) members, deepen relationships, and grow your credit union, you need to add data to the equation. Let’s take a look at these three magic words and how they, along with forward-thinking strategy and process, can make predictions possible for your credit union.

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