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Purpose built Data platform for Banks and credit unions 

Anticipate financial moments with Account Holder’s to meet them where they are.


A Powerful full stack data platform to power up your customer journeys and CRM capabilities. Leverage Data and AI to work through your organization and to enhance account holder relationships.

Data Enrichment

Tap into additional sources of data and data models to enhance visibility of your account holder. Realize your customers full financial potential to unlock powerful growth strategies. 

Offer Engine

Aligning insights, actions and offers is the perfect blend of a technologically driven strategy to empower employees and customers to pursue appropriate financial products and services. 

Next Best Actions

Leverage the power of AI to interpret unstructured data from emails, SMS and other communications with Account holders to recommend next best actions to help improve customer experiences. 

Data Studio

Ready with pre-built connectors from data sources tapping into pre-built data models. Customize your own data models with an easy to use data designer. 

Streaming Data

Leverage best practices to identify patterns, real time usage, and signals to trigger actions to internal and external systems.  

Prebuilt Data Models

Learn how to embrace prebuilt models to get your organization realizing value quickly. Similar to our workflows, you get to leapfrog years of efforts
right away.

No Code Design

You don’t need development resources to design your data strategy. With simple tools, and drag and drop functionality - you have all the power at
your fingertips. 

Triggers & actions

Data and insights empower your front-line staff to take informed actions and drive personalized experiences in your digital journeys.


Experience Data & AI Together

Secure your consumer strategy for the future with a potent mix of data and AI, providing your teams with insights through a comprehensive experience layer.

pre build data models

CRMNEXT Recognized as a leader


Gartner CRM Excellence Award for HDFC Bank Implementation


2023 Financial Service
CRM Wave


Celent Model Bank Award for HDFC Bank Implementation


2022 Best CRM Implementation for Axis Bank


Economic Times Award as the Best Organisation for Women

Insights & Trail Of Success


Boosting loans & deposits: The blueprint for credit unions to maximize CRM data strategy

Data is the key to unlocking a robust member experience. That’s because it enables CUs to learn deeply about members and predict and identify their next best needs. Doing this allows the credit union to demonstrate itself as a partner in their financial journey and conveniently position its products at just the right time. To succeed with data, credit unions need a strategy to bring data together and use it to drive actionable insights. A well-designed data strategy with a CRM can help credit unions unlock significant value.

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Stop hunting for a CRM: Discover the 10 features every credit union should demand

Do you feel like finding the right CRM for your credit union is a never-ending quest, similar to hunting Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster? You’re not alone. Many credit unions find themselves on a seemingly endless journey. But don’t despair: while Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster remain myths, the perfect CRM for your credit union is out there. The truth is in this article. If you’re hunting for a real-deal CRM made for credit unions, hang tight! I’m about to unveil the 10 things that a credit union CRM must have before you make your purchase.

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How to unlock the future: Predicting your members’ behaviors with CRM magic

For too long, credit unions have relied on the idea that knowledge + intuition would predict the future. But it doesn’t. All you get are vague assumptions, like some crystal-ball fortune-teller at a fly-by-night carnival. Sure, they’ll tell you what you want to hear. But you’ll lose money, time, and dignity in the process. To get real answers that retain (and attract) members, deepen relationships, and grow your credit union, you need to add data to the equation. Let’s take a look at these three magic words and how they, along with forward-thinking strategy and process, can make predictions possible for your credit union.

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what our cutomers say

Brad Shafton SVP of Digital & IT Magnifi Financial

We all knew that deploying a next generation CRM tool was going to be a challenge, but necessary to continue our path as a digitally innovative credit union. CRMNEXT has helped us achieve that goal while demonstrating innovative approaches and a strong partnership. With the foundational pieces in place, we are building more modules to integrate disparate systems into a unified view that will benefit staff in all our member-facing as well as back-office teams.

Jennifer Roberts Chief Operating Officer OBEE Credit Union

CRMNEXT created a member-centric data model for OBEE Credit Union with a setup for integrating with several third-party systems. This unified view of our members has translated into efficiencies across our frontline teams. The outcome is simple: happy members and happy employees - a recipe for success and foundational to our culture.

Nancy Sternitzky CIO Sound CU

We are living in an extraordinary financial environment. Banks and credit unions feel the squeeze with rising rates and margin compression. It is more important than ever to understand our members’ needs and respond to them swiftly. Adding more people is not the answer, nor is it getting any easier to recruit and retain staff. Communication and enabling our teams is critical, and this is a shortcoming of legacy systems. Now is the time to invest in CRM solutions and truly harness the power of information across the organization. We chose CRMNEXT to partner with us and to power our experiences.

Steve Ervolino CIO Dupaco Credit Union

CRMNEXT is our strategic partner to deliver digital transformation across our credit union. We leverage their technology to overhaul and unify member service processes into one single point of view. We have completely reimagined our service request and delivery process, referral management, and complaint workflows. We continue to innovate and engineer processes and procedures around the CRMNEXT platform to deliver great experiences to our staff so that they are engaged and deliver superior service to our members.